Benefits of the godflower

Can Induce

-faster healing
-increased vitality
-heightened creativity
-balance of mind/body/spirit
-reduced fatigue from jet lag
-improved athletic performance
-better focus and concentration
-enhanced psychic sensitivity and ability
-natural easy merging with Creator Consciousness
-a blessed state of quiet and harmony in the NOW

Especially Benefits

-pets and plants
-healing practitioners
-cordless &cell phone users
-airline workers and passengers
-TV, WiFi, computer & pager users
-those sensitive to their environment
-those sensitive to other people's energy
-people with food sensitivities

As a Healing Tool

The godflower, placed on an ailing part of the body, can help activate healing.
Distant healing can occur by placing the godflower on a photograph
or the handwriting of someone who is ill and not present.
Repeating the godflower invocation three times can enhance the process.